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yaniv zohar


Yaniv continues to be amazed at how law is mostly perceived as just a practice and that the “business” of law is so often disregarded. Yaniv believes that until law practices start behaving like businesses, clients will lose out on the benefits that continued innovation has brought to other industries and the associated reduction in costs and increase in quality that tends to follow.

As Visionary Law’s Controller, Yaniv continually encourages the team to find ways to bring more value to our clients. Whether it’s by finding ways to make our processes more efficient or by using available technologies to ensure clients have easy and timely access to the lawyers and their files, Yaniv is always finding and implementing improvements.

Having a “Controller” on staff in a law firm is rather unique. Yaniv sees the purpose of his role to be finding ways to minimize the anxiety that typically results from the fact that someone needs a lawyer. Never satisfied with the “status quo”, Yaniv constantly asks why and evaluates processes from the client’s perspective; how does the process benefit the client? Yaniv feels that it has been a job well done when a client tells us that their matter was resolved quickly and inexpensively, all without sacrificing quality. It is from these files that Yaniv knows that he has been successful in his efforts to make Visionary Law’s clients’ experience as comfortable, solution-oriented and worry-free as possible.

Yaniv’s passion for playing and watching soccer from a very young age has also developed his unique ability to identify the locations of cities around the world, as long as they had a soccer team in a professional league. His love of travel has taken him to many world destinations which he considers a “key in learning, growing, and assimilating the knowledge and experience acquired around the world to holding a larger perspective on life”. Out of many world destinations Yaniv recalls Australia’s “unique ecosystem” as leaving a lasting impression and looks forward for another chance to visit the land down under.

Visionary Inspiration

For Yaniv, a visionary is a problem solver with a wider perspective on life, and Winston Churchill is one such example. Leading Britain in desperate times in world affairs, Churchill led by example and noted that there are two kinds of people:

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficultly.”

Yaniv embraces the optimist’s approach and will continue to improve and advance Visionary Law’s operations for the mutual benefit of us all.


  • MBA, University of Fredericton
  • B.Sc., University of Manitoba