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  • Thank you again Lillian..
           First off I just want to say thank you to Lillian and her team. I could not be happier with how she handled my case. Having Lillian helping me made this hard and difficult time so much easier. The correspondence with the message board was a great help and easy to use. The communication between the firm and my self was great. Lillian is a very dedicated worker she took this as serious as I did. You know she cares about what she does. I honestly have no negative feed back as everything was done in a timely matter and got exactly what I was going for. Thank you again Lillian for helping me and my family.
    Dustin K.
  • I highly recommend Lillian Mackenzie as a Lawyer.
           I would like to thank you Lillian and staff at Visionary Law for the assistance though a time of transition in my life. When I spoke with Lillian I immediately felt comfortable and secure. I felt she was looking out for my best interest. I have dealt with Lawyers in the past but never felt the honesty, directness also having compassion like I did with Lillian. In the future if I have a issue I will certainly call Lillian. I highly recommend Lillian Mackenzie as a Lawyer.
    Norm J.
  • Thank you to Lillian, Elsa and the rest of the team.
           Thank you to Lillian, Elsa and the rest of the team at Visionary Law Corporation for ensuring a virtually a smooth transition to what could have been an otherwise, complicated, drawn out, costly and extremely worrisome process.
    Darryl C.
  • Very Please with Service.
           Very pleased with service, Nikki Evans made experience here easy and my legal matter solved in short span of time. would highly recommend, and will use again . A+
    Theron S.
  • Thank you to Elsa and the staff at visionary law
           I was very anxious and nervous about starting the divorce process, however, Elsa made me feel very comfortable. She was understanding and simplified everything for me. I am very happy that I decided to go through this process with Visionary Law. Thanks again!
    Holly B.
  • Professional and very helpful advice.
    A friend of mine referred Lillian to me as I was going through a divorce. He spoke very highly of Lillian and her staff. I contacted her to schedule a meeting. I was very impressed with her and her staff. I was hoping to have this stage of my life completed so that I could get on with adapting to the new changes and getting on with the rest of my life. This was a very trying time for me both emotionally and physically. From the first meeting to the signing of the divorce papers, Lillian and her staff were friendly,very professional and understanding. I always felt that they cared about me and my interests. Would I do anything different? No! The divorce was done in a timely fashion and it was treated with a very high level of attention to all details. I have gone back to Lillian and her staff when I purchased my house and created a Will.
    Joseph P.
  • Intelligent, attentive, compassionate and easy to talk too.
         I've never really participated on writing reviews but I feel that this one is a must to do as I was very pleased with their service. Miss Lilian Mckenzie was the one that helped me with my divorce and when I sold my home. I was very happy with the outcome . Not only she is intelligent she is also attentive, compassionate and easy to talk too. I filed my divorce paper with her in January and by May Igot my divorce certificate. A big lift off my shoulder. Her price was very reasonable too., thats why I asked her to look after the selling of my home and that's done in a peaceful manner as well. Her assistant Elsa is great too. Every person that answers the phone in her office is very helpful. Therefore I highly recommend that with any legal matter call Lilian from Visionary Law. THANK YOU SO MUCH LILIAN AND ELSA!!!!!!!!
    Rose D.
  • Easy to communicate with.
    I first talked to Lillian Mac Kenzie on the phone when I was"shopping" for a separation/divorce lawyer.I chose her to represent me because I found her easy to communicate with from that very first phone call. She immediately understood that my ex and I were on good terms and just looking to split everything fairly. I always feel comfortable asking her questions.Even though she may not always agree with me,she explains the consequences clearly and respects my decisions.
    Cathy G.
  • Beyond my expectations.

         When looking for a lawyer, I wanted someone who not only was good at their profession but also someone who truly listened. Lillian became invested in me and my situation from the beginning. Taking on a unique situation of a break up where the other party wouldn’t leave. She offered advice both legally and personally to me. Beyond anything I had experienced with a lawyer before. When I needed a lawyer, she took the time to listen to me. Not only discussing my options but also giving me clarity and hope. Lillian is an amazing lawyer and an incredible giving person. I’m so glad I found her as she had my back when I truly needed it. In the most stressful time of my life, she cared as a professional and as a person. She is my lawyer for life. Thank you Lillian for all your expertise, knowledge and caring! Ms. C
    Candace C.
  • Honest, high quality service.
    Needing to access a lawyer for Family Law for the first time was an emotional experience. Visionary Law Corp provided a safe supportive environment. I appreciated the honest and high quality service managing the challenges and resolving issues on the road to finalizing my divorce.
    Jennifer P.
  • Compassionate and professional.
    Lillian MacKenzie has successfully represented me in the past with professionalism and honesty. Lillian is always well prepared,knowledgeable and on time for any meetings. Her team at Visionary law is very well organized and positive to work with. What sets Lillian apart, is that she truly Cares about her clients. I never felt like I was just another case file number. I have recommended Ms MacKenzie to family and friends without hesitation. A true professional in every aspect. Keep up the good work!
    Dan B.
  • Professional and personal.
    Ms. Mackenzie has acted on my behalf on a couple of occasions and I have always been more than pleased with the service provided. Ms. Mackenzie provided strong legal advice and action while at the same time made me feel comfortable and supported. That goes far beyond being a great lawyer its about being a great person. I can say I have already referred a few people to her and have heard nothing but wonderful things from them with regards to their experiences as well. Thank you for being there for us!
    Janice L.
  • Professional, innovative, comforting.
    For five years Lillian and her team were there to walk me through my divorce despite the dragging heels of my ex. Finally done due to some smart thinking on Lillian’s part, it must be said that I always had a listening ear and felt comfort and support by everyone at Visionary. I may need to drop in for coffee just to keep in touch.
    S B.
  • Professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and get the job done.
    Over the years Lillian has taken great care of my matters. She is always listening, caring, offers great advice, is very knowledgeable in so many practices of law, and takes charge of what needs to be done! I would recommend her to any of my friends and family who require legal advice/council.
    Lisa D.

Why Choose Lillian?


We regularly get matters where other lawyers are stuck. Lillian helps these contentious cases move forward: first towards a settlement which is less costly to both parties, and then towards a trial (only if there is no way of reaching a comprehensive resolution otherwise).


“Lillian MacKenzie has successfully represented me in the past with professionalism and honesty. Lillian is always well prepared,knowledgeable and on time for any meetings……” — D. B. Read More


Lillian traditionally gets the litigious cases as lawyers and clients trust her to navigate matters into settlement as the first line of defence or trial as the second line of defense. What this means is that she has excellent advocacy skills people trust.

About Lillian T.N. MacKenzie


  • One of the few divorce lawyers that see cases through to the end.
  • Heavily referred by other lawyers.
  • Over 10 years of handling the most contentious cases.


Lillian T.N. MacKenzie is a lawyer who has been practicing in Winnipeg, Manitoba for over a decade. Her focus is on family reorganization and providing all of the supports families need during this important transition.

Lillian had provided services ranging from mediation, to collaboration, to negotiation, to litigation. She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba where she is partner at Visionary Law Corporation.

Lillian’s breadth of personal experience puts her in a unique position to understand the myriad needs of a restructured family. As someone who experienced divorce both as a child and as a mother she has a keen interest in helping families in similar circumstances. Turning the unfortunate realities that accompany divorced parents into a workable solution requires someone who understands these realities, intimately.

Lillian’s passion to help families move forward resulted in an understanding that families require assistance in organizing their affairs in a Will, help make decisions for a family member who has become incapacitated, or in tending to the estate of a loved one who passed away.

Another area of law Lillian practices is residential real-estate. Buying and selling your home, having to refinance your mortgage is the reality of many families. The need to utilize the services of a lawyer is associated to the myriad risks and complexities involved with these transactions.

“Mitigating risks and paving a way to move forward are skills I acquired over the years. Being a lawyer helps me utilize those skills to help individuals and families move forward worry-free. I am fortunate to be able to realize my passion, professionally.”

Lillian founded Visionary Law Corporation where her vision and inspiration are represented in our values and our culture.

Lillian in a TV Interview on “Preparing a Legal Will”:

lillian tv interview ctv preparing a legal will

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