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Derek Novosel

Articling Student

For most of his life, the inkling of an interest in law has resided in the back of Derek’s mind; over time this interest grew, and, encouraged by spending a few winters working out of doors as a carpenter, eventually spurred him on to university.  After spending a few years reading philosophy, he began to study law at the University of Manitoba.  Derek is excited to be articling with Visionary Law and is looking forward to cutting his teeth as a lawyer on the challenges and learning opportunities that abound in the field of family law.  He is hopeful that his work will allow him to have a positive and measurable impact on the lives of his clients and their families.


When not at the office, Derek can be found spending time with his wife and children.  He lives to read and enjoys keeping active and spending time out of doors: in the garden or further afield, hiking, fishing, or camping in some far off and uncivilized place. On those rare occasions when he is without a book in his hands, he may also be found at the piano, cooking, or puttering on various projects, trying to keep his old carpentry skills from getting too rusty.

Derek Novosel - Winnipeg Family Law Student at Visionary Law
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