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Sara Reznik


What began as an idle interest in watching Law and Order as a child, turned into a driving need for Sara to know more about the law and the legal process as a whole.  During her articling year, Sara is learning the impact the law has on the lives of families and the impact a person’s choice to be cooperative, or not, has on the overall result and attendant cost. Even though she is still an articling-student, clients are already benefitting from Sara’s easy communication style and desire to ensure they stay fully informed on the progress of their file.

Sara is coming to appreciate the tremendous responsibility that comes with being a lawyer and the importance of trust between lawyer and client; not only are lawyers privy to extremely sensitive and personal information but the lawyer is being trusted to provide advice that will impact on the client’s life in a profound way.

For Sara, being client-focused means that she is mindful not only of the expectation all clients have, namely to have their matter dealt with in a timely manner, be treated professionally, and to be kept informed, but to also recognize that each client is an individual and has their own unique needs.

An appreciation for uniqueness of cultures is also what drives Sara to want to return to Europe and learn about all the historical structures and local cuisine, so long as she can avoid mayonnaise and all milk products.  What Sara won’t be avoiding is fruit as it is her “go-to” food but she’ll have to take a brief detour from Europe, however, if she wants to enjoy her No. 1 favorite – Dragon Fruit!

Visionary Inspiration

Supreme Court Justice Beverley McLachlin is the visionary that has had the most impact on Sara because of her belief that the law, when providing protections and imposing obligations on all members of society equally, provides society the necessary foundation to progress into the future.


  • J.D., University of Manitoba


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