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rory churchill-henry


Rory’s interest in the law began in high school when he realized he was passionate about advocating for people who have found themselves in difficult situations. Clients benefit from Rory’s attention to detail, his ability to outline the next steps in clear language and his ready smile.

No two files are alike, but all of them have a solution if everyone involved is willing to take an innovative, skillful and creative approach to the problem. Being able to see the big picture and develop a clear “move-forward” strategy ensures that files can be finished with minimal delay and kept as affordable as possible.

Rory believes that the key to a successful file is when the lawyer and the client work as a team. The lawyer’s role is to provide the client all the options they need to make an informed decision and the client’s role is to make that decision. And, like all teams, it is essential that the lawyer and client trust one another and are working towards a common goal.

That Rory values teamwork is no surprise given his love of sports; in high school he had to give up water polo because it conflicted with the four different soccer teams for which he played. The ability to keep focused under pressure is one of the many skills Rory has learned as an athlete. That said, there are a few things that can throw him off his game, pens that don’t write smoothly, the taste and texture of tomatoes, and the platypus, Rory’s favorite animal, “because they seem so non-sensical.”

Visionary Inspiration

Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella is the visionary that has had the most impact on Rory because of her belief that the law must apply to, and protect, everyone which belief has formed her judicial decisions in which she has been fair and equitable.


  • J.D., University of Manitoba