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Why Us?

Winnipeg Contested Divorce LawyersWe are a well-regarded legal team that provides assertive advocacy when cooperate channels have failed to clients in Manitoba and surrounding communities.

If you are looking for a legal team with effective and solution-focussed advocacy skills to represent you in court, the lawyers at Visionary Law can assist with our extensive experience advocating for clients in a wide variety of matters.Family law files represent about 85% of our practice and we have a legal service delivery model that is unique.Want to know more about what makes us unique? Click Why Us

We promote:

  • Transparency by providing you access to your file 24/7 and regular updates on your file’s activity in real time
  • Cost reduction methods
  • Timely and direct lawyer-client communication through our secure portal

What do we do?

What Next?

We offer a 30 minutes free consultation* where we will listen to your scenario and discuss possible action and the time and costs involved in resolving the issues you describe through a separation agreement. There is no obligation to retain our services. The goal of the free consultation is to give you an option to check whether our people and processes fit your expectations as a client.

In order to set up a consultation please fill out the following short form and we will get in touch with your shortly.

This offer is for a 30-minute free family law / estate administration consultation. Should you need more than 30 minutes of the lawyer’s time you will be charged at the lawyer’s hourly rate for the overage. Whether and when a free consultation is booked is entirely in the discretion Visionary Law; for example, a free consultation may not be offered where a paid consultation is better suited, or otherwise. Our advice is based on the information provided by you, failure to include relevant information necessarily affects the reliability of the advice given. Information shared with our office in this form and during our consultation is and will remain private and confidential. This meeting will not create a solicitor-client relationship. This offer is intended to allow you a chance to evaluate our services and to provide general legal advice only.

Due to newly mandated Province wide Covid-19 measures our office will work on an appointment basis only. Call 204.515.6020 to schedule an appointment or ask questions. Please note – we are otherwise open to business as usual. Click here for a more detailed explanation of our new policy.