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elsa falkenberg


Elsa considered pursuing a career in law for a long time and, after years of deliberation and ensuring it would give her what she longed for, namely a challenging and rewarding career, she entered law school. Elsa strives to add value to her clients in each and every file, knowing how much her work directly impacts upon their lives.

Elsa strives to be available to her clients and to provide timely, high quality service. By holding herself accountable to her clients and to the high standards she expects of herself, Elsa has built long and lasting relationships. Elsa’s clients treat her as trusted counsel, turning to her time and again after their initial file has concluded to help in other legal matters or to refer her to family and friends.

Clients who have matters that require a patient, articulate and goal-oriented lawyer will benefit from Elsa’s counsel. Elsa never shies away from a challenge and has developed the skills she needs to help clients navigate through the legal system to achieve the best result possible. A matter which Elsa found particularly rewarding is when she was required to advance a spousal support claim in court where there was clear entitlement and unreasonable opposition. Elsa’s diligent preparatory work, excellent research skills and well-considered arguments achieved a positive result for the client.

One challenge that Elsa hopes to take on in the near future is adopting a dog, a pit bull in particular. Elsa has a particular fondness for pit bulls, saddened by their unfair portrayal in the media. In the end, pit bulls are a reflection of their owner, but with the right person pit bulls, like all dogs, are just looking to love and be loved.

Visionary Inspiration

Greta Thunberg is a visionary that is currently having an impact on Elsa. Ms. Thunberg identified an issue that need to be addressed and took active steps to effect that change. The causes for which she advocates are not universally accepted and as a result she has many detractors who try to undermine her. Notwithstanding, she has managed to have a tremendous global impact in a very short time, and at a very young age, all owing to her passion and drive.


  • J.D., University of Manitoba
  • B.Comm., University of Manitoba

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