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Why Us?

We are a well-regarded legal team that provides cooperative and/or collaborative representation to clients in Manitoba and surrounding communities.

If you are looking to resolve your matter without the need for litigation, the lawyers at Visionary Law can assist with their extensive experience helping clients negotiate a cooperative, collaborative and equitable resolutions. Family law files represent about 85% of our practice and we have a legal service delivery model that is unique. Want to know more about what makes us unique? Click Why Us.

We promote:

  • Transparency by providing you access to your file 24/7 and regular updates on your file’s activity in real time
  • Cost reduction methods
  • Timely and direct lawyer-client communication through our secure portal

Seperation agreement

Seperation agreement

uncontested divorce / order

uncontested divorce / order

collaborative law

collaborative law

What is a Separation Agreement?


What is an Uncontested Divorce/Order?


What is Collaborative Law?

Winnipeg Uncontested Divorce LawyersCollaborative Law is a formal process that parties enter with lawyers trained in collaborative law.

A differentiating feature of this process over a cooperative model is that the parties and their lawyers enter into a contract wherein they commit to resolving their affairs cooperatively, without litigation, and if the process breaks down neither lawyer can continue to represent their client and new counsel must be retained by both parties.

The goal of this agreement is to create an environment where the parties feel freer to share sensitive information knowing that the other lawyer would not be privy to this information if matters end up in court.

What do we do?

Collaborative Law allows you and your partner to come to terms of an agreement without the threat of litigation looming. Once you engage in the process you have a team of professionals, including where needed lawyers, parenting coaches, and child specialists, supporting you as you negotiate respectfully with the other party. The end goal of the process is to comes to the terms of a Separation Agreement.

That said collaborative law is not well-suited to all persons and situations. The lawyers at Visionary Law get to know your unique circumstances and, by asking pertinent questions, help you decide if collaborative law is the right process for you. Once we have determined that your situation is compatible we work with you, the other party and lawyer, and any other professionals engaged to assist in the process, to come to an agreement that will ultimately be distilled into a Separation Agreement.

What Next?

We offer a 30 minutes consultation* where we will listen to your scenario and discuss possible action and the time and costs involved in resolving the issues you describe through a separation agreement. There is no obligation to retain our services. The goal of the consultation is to give you an option to check whether our people and processes fit your expectations as a client.

In order to set up a consultation please fill out the following short form and we will get in touch with your shortly.