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6 Common Grounds for Contesting a Will in Manitoba

There are six primary reasons why wills are legally contested. These prominent reasons may factor into your current situation, and they can serve to help you better understand the law in this regard. If you find yourself in a situation to possibly want to contest a will, make sure you seek qualified legal counsel to determine your best course of action.

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Process of Contesting a Will in Manitoba

If a family member or close friend in Manitoba has passed away and you believe you have been left out of the will incorrectly, then you may need to contest the will. This is the legal process of challenging the will in court and attempting to have it declared invalid.

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Will support terminate for an 18-year-old child?

​A common question with a “maybe” answer, leaving both payor and recipient wonder how long the support obligation will continue without their having to spend a small fortune on legal fees to find out. Unfortunately, the same fact scenario can have three different answers from three different lawyers because no two fact scenarios are exactly alike nor are the judges who make the decision.

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Special Provisions for a Spouse in The Estate

Dealing with the death of a loved one is a difficult and emotionally charged time. Occasionally the deceased spouse has failed to organize their affairs to ensure the surviving spouse has been left with an appropriate legacy. Occasionally the deceased spouse has purposely excluded the surviving spouse from their estate.

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