We provide high quality legal services for the myriad needs that the average person or family may require.

Our services include the following areas of the law:

Family Law (ex. Divorce, Separation Agreements, Child Custody, Child / Spousal Support, Prenup Agreement) Learn more

Real Estate Law  we can close your deal for residential home purchase or sale, or handle the closing of your mortgage refinance deal. Learn more

Wills & Estates Law (ex. Draft your living will, probate applications, estate administration, estate litigation, power of attorney, healthcare directive, committee application)

Learn more about wills, power of attorney, and healthcare directives

Learn more about managing the affairs of your loved one

Notary Public we can notarize out of Province documentation and provide notarial certificates when required. Learn more

Beyond the high quality of service it is equally important to us to offer our services at competitive rates.

This way we can ensure our client-focused approach means:

+ High quality of service

+ Cost savings

When you add a unique client-friendly service environment you get a practice formed around you.

Feel free to browse through our website and familiarize yourself with our practice,our people, and our culture.