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Visionary Law is a boutique law firm focusing on families and their legal needs. As visionaries we are focused on providing comprehensive legal solutions to our clients. Our areas of expertise include: family law, real estate, wills and estates. We are people who serve people so our focus is naturally on people. Being people driven means that we must be at the top of our game to provide the best quality of service. We acknowledge that in order to provide efficient and effective legal advice we must become cost effective, hire top professionals, and be client friendly. Being people driven also means providing our staff with the resources they need to feel satisfied, rewarded and secure. We are happy to see that this approach is reflected in our clients’ reviews.

A Progressive Firm, Positioned to Succeed in the Twenty-First Century

Utilizing our innovative spirits we are uniquely positioned to the 21st century by harnessing worldwide cutting edge technologies to improve quality, speed, and cost of service. We bring flexibility, innovation, transparency, and customer care to a new and higher level.  We are progressive by bring together legal and business professionals servicing each other, creating a rewarding experience for clients and staff alike.

For clients this means creating efficiencies to lower costs, increase returns, and provide comforts unmatched by many.

For staff this means supplying the resources that make a difference personally and professionally, setting targets that are achievable, rewarding success, creating and maintaining a productive environment, and sustaining a close-knit, supportive culture.

For you this means a nurturing environment, a professional development experience grooming you to succeed as a lawyer and an entrepreneur, and a chance to achieve partnership relatively quickly.

What Does It Takes to Become a “Visionary”?

We believe that in order to provide comprehensive solutions, sustain a trust-based relationship, and work effectively in a family focused law practice, one needs to be a motivated leader, a “people’s person” who is values driven and has the ability to think outside the box bringing advice unique to each person. It is imperative that you would want to exceed expectations and make your mark on every file, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and be technologically inclined.

Learn more about our culture, our vision, and our mission here.

What Would a Career with Visionary Law Look Like?

Imagine a flat organization mentality where you are in the driver’s seat, all the resources you need are at your fingertips, you are given the wheel to navigate your own professional destiny while you are sailing in a progressive environment. Aligned processes, procedures, and policies show you the way and when you feel you might veer off the path you have guidance and support from your colleagues. In this environment the sky is the limit, the opportunities abound, and success is dependent on you alone.

But don’t trust what we say feel free to reach out to our articling student who will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

2018-19 Articling Student Program

How Do I Make My Application?

Before you apply, we encourage you to research your options well. Can you see yourself in a law firm lead by a modern business model where people’s needs are central to every decision or action? Can you put your clients first using your knowledge, experience and skills to find unique solutions to any problem? Do you have a keen interest in the legal needs of families? Can you excel in a modern, progressive office, requiring leadership, entrepreneurship, and hard work to succeed? If yes is your only and final answer please email your resume, a cover letter, and a copy of your transcription in confidence to:

Yaniv Zohar, Controller

Email:    yz@visionarylaw.ca


We wish all the applicants success in this process and thank you for choosing Visionary.


The Visionary Team

Or use the link below to submit your cover letter and resume: